The goal of ROpenCVLite is to enable developers to create their own packages for R based on OpenCV. Computer vision is just one of the possible applications for OpenCV. It can do many more things, such as fast matrix processing and GPU computing. By providing access to a standardized installation of OpenCV, we hope to help the R community take advantage of this fantastic library.

Create a package using ROpenCVLite

Follow these steps to configure your package for ROpenCVLite:

  1. Set ROpenCVLite as a dependency in the DESCRIPTION file of your package.
  2. Use the opencvConfig function provided with ROpenCVLite to:
    • set the PKG_LIBS value of the Makevars and files of your package (using opencvConfig("libs")).
    • set the PKG_CPPFLAGS () value of the Makevars and files of your package (using opencvConfig("cflags")).

You can find an example of how to set up your package with ROpenCVLite in our Rvision package: